We cater for all your massage needs from relaxation and pregnancy, right through to remedial including deep tissue work and trigger point therapy.


Massage Therapy


The Wellness Centre offers the very best is massage therapy designed to achieve superior results for a wide range of conditions including:

-         Headaches / Migraines

-         Frozen Shoulder / Shoulder Pain

-         Low Back Pain / Sciatica

-         Hip Pain

-         Carpel Tunnel

-         Tennis Elbow

-         RSI

-         General Muscle Stiffness / Soreness

-         Muscle Strains / Tears

-         Arthritis / Circulation Problems.

There are two different types of massage therapy appointments you can book. Most of our work involves therapeutic / injury treatment and we also offer relaxation and Hot Stone massage.



We offer the most effective pain and injury treatment for the conditions mentioned above, because we combine deep tissue massage with Silicone Cupping.

Silicone Cupping has been a great breakthrough in the area of pain and injury treatment as it is the quickest and most effective method of removing muscle "knots" and "lesions" that cause the pain and injury in the first place.

By using massage and silicone cupping together, we are able to break up and release the areas of congestion and blockage that lead to inflammation. It is the inflammation that causes the pain.

We also suggest that you compare your results from our pain and injury treatment with other therapies, as we have no doubt you will be very pleased.

The message is simple. If you are suffering with any type of pain or injury, book a massage session today.

Hi-caps available for on the spot Private Health rebates.  Please let staff know at the time of booking if you need to claim with Private Health so we can ensure you are booked with a therapist you can claim with.

Private Health rebates are only available for Therapeutic/Remedial Massage treatments - not for relaxation treatments 





Massage Therapy Consultation Fees:

1/2  hour Massage $50

45 min Massage $72

1 hour Massage $89

90min Massage $139